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About 750naira.com

750naira.com provides an opportunity for everyone to have a share in a pool of wealth on a first come first serve basis as we understand that a tree can never make a forest and financial abundance happens easily only when we come together to help, support and leverage on one another which is the real secret of financially successful people.

  • 750NAIRA.COM is a subsidiary of LARICHIE GROUP LTD fully registered with the CAC with RC No BN2552262 The company is into many areas of business such as Fashion, Education, communications, fund raising etc.
  • Established in June 2020 With a fantastic electronic educational product to empower people in over 100 types of businesses in full details.
  • This product is aimed at opening people up to diverse career opportunities that are not commonly considered and how they could set up such businesses from A-Z, while getting rich with such businesses.
  • On the side, 750naira.com also created a platform for mutual cooperation and bringing people together to support one another to raise funds in a very simple and affordable way.


One of Our goals is for every member to be able to update their business acumen and to be able to raise sufficient fund to finance their businesses, basic needs and projects such as school fees payment, property acquisition, car purchase, business project finance, traveling, medical bills etc At 750naira.com, you will be empowered and be able to generate a life changing income with the simple process of everyone making their own contributions to the ecosystem through a concerted team effort based on first come first serve.

Same Opportunity

750naira.com Is Giving everyone the Same Opportunity where they can also have a platform to leverage on resources, effort and support of others within the ecosystem to create wealth.

Supportive System

750naira.com stands out by providing the simplest and easiest way to create enduring wealth through a supportive system of absolute integrity, transparency and team work and we are committed to giving you the best in the most simplistic way.


We are here for everybody no matter the sex, race, and religion. Love, oneness, equality and absolute integrity are our watchword.

Global Family

And as a global family, making a positive difference in the lives of people who seek optimal well-being and prosperity is our mission.