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750NAIRA.COM is a subsidiary of LARICHIE GROUP LTD fully registered with the CAC with RC No BN2552262 The company is into many areas of business such as Fashion, Education, communications, fund raising etc.

Established in June 2020, is simply a platform founded on love and integrity with two great PRODUCTS:

1. EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CATALOGUE: This is an electronic guide where you will learn over 100 types of businesses in fullest details. This product will open you up to diverse career opportunities you never thought could make you rich and how to completely set them up from A-Z with support.

2. FUND RAISING: Apart from having access to the above product after registration, the platform also makes it possible to mutually unite people to support one another to raise funds in a very simple and affordable way to meet up with the increasing demand of their basic needs and projects etc.


This is a system based on absolute TEAMWORK & FIRST COME FIRST SERVE

Registration: N30, 000 or $60 bitcoin fund raising system is a 5 by 2 matrix with 5 levels only.


▪️MTN VTU Airtime/DATA 2% 1%

▪️MTN Share N Sell Airtime 4% 2%

▪️GLO VTU Airtime 2% 1%

▪️GLO DATA 4%. 1.5%

▪️Airtel VTU Airtime 1.5%. 1%

▪️Airtel VTU DATA 1%. 1.5%

▪️9Mobile VTU Airtime/DATA. 2%. 1%

▪️300 - Corporate MTN Data 1GB - 20. 10

▪️570 - Corporate MTN Data 2GB. - 30. 15

▪️350 - MTN SME Data 1GB - 20 10

▪️650 - MTN SME Data 2GB - 30 15

▪️1600 - MTN SME Data 5GB - 50 25


▪️ Direct Referral Bonus
▪️ Indirect Bonus
▪️ Team Building Bonus
▪️ Matrix Cycle Out Bonus

Direct Referral Bonus: Earn N10,000 on every one you refer.

You will only be making instant extra income, when you refer people.

Referring makes the matrix grow faster and also help yourself cycle out faster.

Note: Everyone is expected to register 5 people before you receive your first earning. But if you don't meet up, the system helps you and there will be deduction of the expected registrations from your first earnings while you earn the balance.

Matching Bonus : Earn N2000 when your Direct Referal, Refers somebody.

Team Building Bonus : Compensation for team growth.

Matrix Cycle Out Bonus : This is the amount you earn whenever you cycle out of any stage.

▪️ Your First Matrix Cycle out bonus is N100,000 + N100,000 Team Building Bonus

▪️ 2nd Matrix Cycle out bonus is N2,000,000 + N1,000,000 Electrical Cadget + N1,000,000 Team Building Bonus

▪️ 3rd Matrix Cycle out bonus is N10,000,000 + 5,000,000 Car Award + N5,000,000 Team Building Bonus

▪️ 4th Matrix Cycle out bonus is N100 million + N15 million Exotic Car Award + N30 million Housing Fund + I Week Trip (5 million) + N50 million Team Building Bonus

▪️ 5th Matrix Cycle out bonus is N200 million + N50 million team building + N50 million monthly for 24 months