Terms And Condition

The registration fee gives you full access to the products.

The product is an electronic business catalogue which you will have access to immediately after registration. The fund raising is just a side thing for those who are interested to raise funds for their various ideas, projects and needs.

All funds are not refundable since you have been allocated products on registration.

The fund raising system runs on a first come first serve basis and matrix is filled from top to bottom so everyone will have to wait for their turns to earn which will depend on the rate of influx of new people.

Everyone is expected to bring in 5 referrals to run the system fast. But in a situation where you do not want to refer, the system get referrals for you and the money is deducted from your first matrix earnings (N750x5) while you earn the balance plus direct referral bonus on those referrals (N2,500) which still make sense after which you will earn your normal 100k on the second level and so on. Note that the 5 accounts created for you by the company won't be yours but will be used to push the system.